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How can I use AI generated replies

We have AI generated emails to quickly compose new emails and reply to emails.

Open the Klutch extension from Gmail.

AI Emails

Under 'AI Emails' you can type any inputs/details and can generate new emails or reply to emails.
Compose new emails - For example type 'Write an email to invite to webinar' and click 'Generate'

Click Generate

You will get a sample email which you can insert.

New email

Reply to emails - For example type 'Accepting the invite of webinar' and click Generate.

Reply emails

We have various options provided for the generated response,
Tone of Voice - You can change the voice with Matching, Casual and Formal

Tone of Voice

Response Length - Using response length you can change the response to any types of length that you want.

Response Length

Copy - You can copy the contents by clicking 'Copy'


Regenerate - You can get new sample replies by clicking regenerate.


Save - Lets you save the generated email content to your 'Response' categories. You can click 'Move' and add the content generated as a Canned Response.


We can Enable/Disable the settings from the extension,


Here is the Privacy policy -

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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