How can I use Klutch in Zoom?

Zoom integration help us work on Klutch Pages and Responses from the Zoom App.

Here is the link to install the Klutch app -

You will need to sign-in your Zoom app

Zoom Sign-in

Navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace and search for Klutch.

Zoom Search

Click on the Add button at the top right part of the page and click 'Allow'


Now you can access Klutch inside the Zoom App.

Klutch sign-in

You can create Pages/Responses, update responses, listings, etc

Edit Pages/Responses

When you attend a Zoom meeting you can open klutch and take down notes or update your existing document with the new topics shared in the meeting.

Inside Zoom

Klutch Page edit inside Zoom

Collaborate - Use the Zoom collaborate feature to present Klutch pages to your Zoom meeting attendants.

Click the Collaborate button on the Right so that the members in Zoom will get an invite to accept.


When you click 'Collaborate' the members in the Zoom meeting will be able to see your Klutch screen.
If they accept the invite and click 'Join' their own Klutch Page will be opened. If they would like to view your screen they can click 'deny' and continue.


If there is a non-member of Klutch clicks the 'Join' button they will get a prompt saying they are in the guest mode.


Your team members can now view the Klutch screen that you present.

Present screen

You can end the Collaboration by Clicking 'end'


To Remove Klutch App
Click 'Manage' near the Klutch App under Zoom Apps.

Click Manage

On the Added Apps list, search for Klutch and click on the Remove button.


Provide a reason for removing the app and confirm the removal(Optional)

Reason for Removal

Updated on: 05/05/2023

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