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How to install klutch in your Slack workspace?

You can now add and share company knowledge & canned responses on Slack directly from your Klutch account.

Also, you can find the link to klutch app in Slack directory -

Click the integrations option under Manage Account.

Click Integrations

Click the 'Add to Slack' option near Slack and klutch will be redirecting you to Slack workspace.

Click 'Add to Slack'

Add to Slack

Now click 'Allow' to allow your klutch account to your workspace. You can choose your workspace from the dropdown on the top right corner.


After connecting with your Slack workspace you can perform the below actions,

* Create Page from Slack

- Type /klutch create page to create a new page on Klutch.

Create Page

- Now you can add the details to create a Page and click 'submit'

New Page

- New Page will be created in klutch account


Page in klutch

* Create new Response

- Type /klutch create response to create a new canned response on Klutch

Create Response

- Now you can add the details to create a Response and click 'submit'


- New Response will be created in klutch account


Response in klutch

Search a Page/Response

- Type /klutch [search keywords] to easily find on your Klutch account.
You need to add only the name without brackets. For example, /klutch new document


- Type the keywords to search your document.

List of search items

- Now you can 'Embed' and also open your document from Slack.


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Updated on: 12/08/2022

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