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Shortcuts in Response

Keyboard shortcuts for canned responses in Klutch provide a lightning-fast way to access and insert pre-defined text snippets into your messages or documents. By assigning personalized shortcuts to each canned response, you can avoid the time-consuming task of typing repetitive messages manually.

Once you've set up your library of canned responses in, you can assign unique keyboard combinations or function keys to each response. When you need to use a particular canned response, simply type the designated shortcut, and the text snippet will be instantly inserted into your active document or message.
Here is how it works:

You can view shortcuts when you create a new Response or Edit existing responses.

Click the Shortcuts button on the below of you Response

Shortcut button

After clicking the Shortcuts button, you can now enter the shortcut name using characters such as ;, /, or //.

Shortcut Name

After entering the shortcut name, please click on the "Save" button to save your changes.


You can now utilize the created shortcuts by using the corresponding keywords you have assigned to them.

* When entering the shortcut name for the first time, please ensure that you type it accurately without any mistakes.
* It is necessary to manually type the shortcut name each time instead of copy-pasting it.
* At the moment, shortcuts are not supported in WhatsApp and Slack platforms.
* The extension ignores certain keys, including 'Control', 'Shift', 'Alt', 'ArrowLeft', 'ArrowUp', 'ArrowRight', and 'ArrowDown', when typing the shortcut. As long as the typed string is complete and accurate, the shortcut will work as intended.

Updated on: 21/06/2023

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