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User Groups

User groups can be created so that you select them when you 'Add People' for providing Permission.

It will be useful if you have a team to provide them permission rather selecting each one of them

Go to 'Settings' and choose 'User group' under Company Settings.

User Group

There are different categories like
Group's your in - All the groups will be listed in which you are a member
Group's you created - All the groups will be listed in which you created
Other groups - All other groups in which you are not part of and have been created by other members of your team

Admins can only be able to view the 'Other Groups' option

To create a New group click 'New group' and add the title , group members then click 'Create'

Create New user group

You can delete and edit existing groups.


This is how it will look like when you add groups in Page Permission,

Example for adding groups

Updated on: 15/02/2022

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